Irrigation Check-Up Program FAQ's

 Irrigation Check-Up Program FAQ

What is the eligibility requirement for the Irrigation Check-Up Program?

Must either be a homeowner of the property or have permission from the homeowner and have an in-ground irrigation system installed.

What are zones?

Sprinkler systems are divided into areas called zones so that every part of your landscape can be watered properly depending on its needs.(Ex: Trees and shrubs need less water than turf or flower beds)

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

To best prepare your home, please clear a direct path to your irrigation controller which may include opening your garage as well as access to your backyard.  Additionally, please ensure all pets are secured inside of your home. 

How long does the Irrigation Consultation usually take?

Time may vary depending on the size of the property and the number of zones, but should not last longer than an hour.

Will the consultant be entering my home?

No, the consultant will remain outside.

Will I be notified before the consultant arrives?

Yes! The consultant will notify you once they are on the way to your residence before your scheduled appointment time.

Will the consultant be running my irrigation system?

Yes, the consultant will be running your irrigation system to check for an even distribution of water as well as how much water your irrigation system is distributing.  Additionally, they will check for leaks and any other prominent issues within your system.  

What will happen at the end of the consultation? 

The consultant will explain their findings on what improvements can be made to your irrigation system as a whole.  They will then ask you if you would like your irrigator control settings to be changed based on their findings.  They will NOT change your settings without your permission.