Beware of Potential Scams and Fraudsters


In the aftermath of the storm and resulting hardships we are enduring, there are unfortunately many scammers taking advantage of our community via social media and phone, asking people to text private account numbers while offering information on service restoration and billing. Please do not engage with or respond to any of these requests.

Know that any Canyon Lake employee who is performing work in your neighborhood, will be wearing a company uniform and driving a company vehicle with the Canyon Lake Water Service Company (CLWSC) logo. You should always feel comfortable asking for ID. If you have any concern that someone may be an imposter, please call our office at 830-312-4600 to confirm we have employees in the area. Contact local law enforcement if you feel there is an immediate danger. 

The Federal Trade Commission, the government agency that tracks these types of fraud, reports that scammers surface when there is a disaster or human suffering. They will try to play on your emotions indicating fake remedies for just about anything. There can also be scams when it comes to vendors, or service people that come to your home to repair things. Always double check that the person you have contacted is licensed.

In terms of calls or emails, there are several ways to recognize when it is a scam:

  • Insistence that you act immediately using a specific form of payment
  • Saying that there is a problem with your bill or even a prize if you provide your information
  • Pretending to be from a known company or organization

If you are contacted by a scammer, consider reporting it. You can also reach out to your local chamber of commerce to confirm the validity of any vendor or possible fraud.

Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce

Bulverde Chamber of Commerce