Winter Storm Related Credits

Canyon Lake Water Service Company understands the hardships the recent winter storm had on our customers and community.  We know water service is essential and appreciate your patience and support as we resume typical operations.  We are reviewing the storm events and will use this as a learning opportunity to enhance our response to best serve our customers in future emergencies. 

As your water provider, we are making billing adjustments to assist customers with their water bills following the storm. As you review your next bill you may see a Storm Service Charge Credit if you experienced a water service outage, boil water notice, or do not drink order as a result of the winter storm, and those who had higher than normal usage may see a Storm Leak Adjustment Credit.



Example of Storm Service Charge and Storm Leak Adjustment Credits



If you experienced a water service outage, boil water notice, or do not drink order as a result of the winter storm, a one-time credit will be applied to your bill.

The credit will be applied to your water availability charge, which will be reduced by 50%. This reduction reflects 50% of the normal monthly minimum charge for your meter size, or a credit for 14 days of your water availability charge.

Texas regulations call for a water utility to credit a customer only for the exact amount of time a customer is without water. However, because we understand the extreme challenges this storm created, we are extending a larger credit to the customers described above in order to provide consistency and certainty for customers within the CLWSC systems.



Customers whose meter reading was higher for this billing period than normal will see a bill credit to adjust for the additional usage that may have occurred from leaks at the customer’s property due to frozen or broken pipes on the customer’s property. 

The amount is calculated as the difference between the actual usage charges from the current billing period and your average usage charge for the past three months (Nov, Dec, Jan ). 

If your past month's usage was less than the average, however, your bill will be the lower amount and there will be no Storm Leak Adjustment Credit applied.  The Company will review your next bill should you have significantly higher usage due to a leak related to the recent winter storm which extends into the next billing period.


These adjustments are applied to help assist our customers with their water bills following the storm. 

If you have any questions regarding the credits or about your bill please feel free to reach out to us at 830-312-4600 or