WaterSmart Customer Profile


The Household Profile contains questions about a household’s unique characteristics and water needs. The answers to these questions allow for more accurate comparisons to similar households and more precise estimates of how much indoor and outdoor water is used in different house areas.

For example, by confirming the number of occupants living in a home and the age or water efficiency of the showerheads, we can estimate how much water is used for showering and how much can be saved by upgrading to a more efficient fixture.

Recommendations for a customer being more water efficient start with a good understanding of the account profile. For residential customers, this starts with basic knowledge about the number of occupants living on a property, fixtures, landscape information, and customer watering habits.

The profile also contains valuable information, such as an account holder’s email address and communication preferences.

A customer can update All of this information directly on the WaterSmart Portal.




How to Update Profile